Friday, August 29, 2008

Relationship Survey

My name is Melissa and I'm a graduate student at Stony Brook University. I'm conducting an online relationship survey about breakups and divorce for my dissertation. My work involves learning about the full range of people's responses following the end of a significant romantic relationship -- meaning I'm interested the difficulties experienced as well any positive changes that result form this challenging life experience (such as building a new family after a breakup/divorce, finding a new path/purpose in life, pursuing new goals, experiencing improved subsequent relationships, a greater sense of confidence, etc.)

People who have participated in the project so far say they enjoy thinking about these experiences and sharing them, and they appreciate the anonymous, free, personalized feedback they have the option of receiving immediately upon completion of the approx. 30 minute online survey.

The web address of my survey is:
There there is a greater description of the project and a link to the survey pages.

Thanks to everyone who decides to participate.

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