Sunday, September 28, 2008



* Find it difficult to say “NO” to other’s requests or feel guilty when you do?
* Often feel under-valued, not appreciated, not taken seriously?
* Find it difficult to set limits on other’s behaviour?
* Often feel like no-one cares about YOUR needs and wants?
* Often feel as though others are making the decisions in your life?
* Frequently feel resentful of those you love?

If so, you are not alone. This is true for many people in nuclear family situations and how much more so in a step-circumstance where family lives are hugely complicated by ex-partners, partners ex-partners, stepchildren, bio parents who feel that they need to take sides, Disneyland bio parents, bio kids who feel jealous of step-kids and vice versa......and so on.......and so on????????

I know it's hard to believe but THERE IS AN ANSWER!

You can learn to say “NO” without feeling:
unreasonable ~ uncaring ~ uncomfortable ~ unloving ~ guilty

“SPEAKING UP WITH CONFIDENCE – taking control of your life” is an empowering one day workshop that is designed to help you improve your self-confidence, own “who you are”, stand up for yourself and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE

Workshop Topics include:

* Understanding different behaviour styles
* Recognising the value of personal boundaries
* Understanding why a lack of assertiveness causes stress and distress
* Discovering beliefs that don’t help
* Learning when and how to speak up
* Making requests without manipulating or controlling
* Confronting with wisdom and with love

WHEN: Saturday, October 18th, 2008
WHERE: Gordon, Sydney;s North Shore
HOW MUCH: $145


I used to say 'yes' all the time, even when I was desperate to say no. This made me so mad at the people who asked me to do things and….at myself. Well, I now no longer have to say 'yes' unless I choose to. What a relief!! (Sandra S)

This workshop taught me a lot about myself. Boy, was I a people pleaser! It’s so liberating to no longer be driven by what others might think or say about me. It’s been such a revelation!! (Mark L)

I always felt like I had no right to say “no”. The course taught me that saying “no” when appropriate isn’t only my right, but my responsibility. (Grant S)

The most important thing that I learned at the workshops was that real love means being able to disagree. That was such an eye-opener that it's turned my life upside down in a really good way. (Ruth L)

I’d say “no”, but spend days feeling worried, guilty and selfish. Now I can say “no” without beating myself up. (Trish G)

I can't express how invaluable this workshop has been for me. I've not learnt half as much in my whole life as I did in that one day. No wonder doing relationship is so difficult if you don't even know who you are yourself. I've still got a long way to go but the workshop gave me a great starting point. (Louise R)

The course showed me who I am – Thank God, I am finally free to be me !!! (Kristen A)
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