Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Relaxation tips for stepmums (by PJ)

Clean! Yes, believe it or not, cleaning can be wonderful therapy. It's cheap and the whole family benefits! You can even lose weight doing it. While its not half as glamorous as a day's shopping, cleaning will make you feel good and allow you to destress whilst you toss out all those things that have been taking up space - contributing to more stress in your life! Not what we need. Don't go overboard, just do one room or one cupboard. You'll feel great afterwards and it might inspire you to keep going!

Write about it. Be it a journal or a PC, get writing with your feelings, experiences, goals and dreams. Getting out on 'paper' can really make a difference and offload some of the junk that might otherwise be stored up in that head of yours! By writing it down, you'll get clarity and perspective and more importantly, you'll be able to make space for other more positive things to enter your life :)

Take a long lunch. If funds permit, treat yourself to a long lunch in a trendy cafe with a girlfriend, or by yourself. If work beckons and you just cannot find the time before you have to be back on deck again, tell your boss you're off on client visits, switch the mobile to message bank and give yourself a long lunch (better still, ask the boss along!).

Surf the net. For some it is an idle time waster, but for others it gives them the peace and serenity they need to face the world again. Stay plugged in with The Step Stop and find out what's been happening. Share some stories and get a load off your mind!

Begin a new hobby. When's the last time you did what you really love to do? Do you even know what your hobbies are? If not, now's the time to find some and immerse yourself in them. Your life shouldn't revolve around your family 24/7 - those days are gone! Get into what you love doing. If you're not sure what that is, think back to when you were twelve and make a list of all those things you wanted to be when you grew up! It's never too late to learn. And if you manage to get really good at it, it might be something you can share with your step-children next time you see them!

Ok, so now you're going to give me all the excuses under the sun. No-one to leave the kids with? That's easy! Go buy the latest Finding Nemo DVD, plonk the kids in front of it, and do what they're doing: RELAX for 112 minutes. Watch it with them if you want! And if you're really lucky, they'll ask you to play it again!! That's plenty of time for a bubble bath :).

There are dozens of ways to take time out that don't cost a fortune but are vital for well-being. A couple of hours investment will get you functioning at optimum speed in no time again. Do it. Because the results will be well worth it!

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