Wednesday, November 26, 2008


IRRITATION It isn't not unusual around this time of year to be plagued by a sense of irritation and, although being irritated is often the byproduct of having to deal with people we'd rather not have to deal with, one certainly doesn't have to be a stepparent to feel this way. I often get irritated by the fact that the shops are overcrowded, that it's virtually impossible to get a parking spot or a shop assistant's attention. I get irritated by the fact that schools break up far too early, that school functions, business functions and another two thirds of the functions one could easily spread throughout the rest of the year all seem to be squashed into the month of December and that every year Christmas just tends to sneak up on me.

INSPIRATION Why not allow inspiration to replace irritation? When inspired we begin to think outside the square we live in. If we loath shopping malls at Christmas time, we could perhaps do our Christmas shopping throughout the year. If we don't believe in running with the materialistic crowd, we could perhaps make the presents we want to give our loved ones this year. I guess there isn't a great deal one can do about school functions and the like, but we can certainly say "no" to the multitude of social functions that come our way at this time of year. This helps take at least some of the pressure off Christmas.

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