Wednesday, November 26, 2008


RESENTMENT is the festering, cancer-like emotion that is familiar to all of us and could easily spoil Christmas if we allowed it to enter our hearts. Resentment can rise as a result of feeling railroaded, trodden on, taken advantage of, not being accepted or appreciated for who we are or what we do. Sometimes it is not the resentment WE might feel that affects our Christmas spirit, but the resentment that is directed at us. It could be our ex, our partner's ex , our stepchildren, and at times even our partner whose resentment might be the problem. Resentment is a 'toughie' that's difficult to overcome. So, what helps?

REACHING OUT Yep, I know that can be a tall order. After all, who feels like reaching out to someone by whom we feel taken advantage of or trodden on? No-one, I am sure. But sometimes it's really important that we do not follow our feelings, but instead make some tough decisions and choices and follow those instead. If we decided to reach out to those this Christmas whom we resent, and/or to those who we know resent us, what would the outcome be? I don't know the answer to that question, but why not try and see for yourself?! What have you got to lose? Nothing, right? What do you have to gain? A happy Christmas Day, for one thing. Feeling really good about yourself, for another. And if you are lucky, your new attitude may even diffuse the dynamite that's been smouldering between you and whomever!!!!!

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