Sunday, November 16, 2008

How to minimise this year's Christmas stress

One of the greatest stressors of the human experience is FEELING OUT OF CONTROL. In order to minimise the stress we may feel about Christmas and the coming holiday season here are a few tips:


Sit down with your partner and tell him what your expectations are. Give him the opportunity to share his expectations with you. As it is extremely unlikely that both yours and his expectations are the same, you can now (that you are aware of the discrepancies) go about finding COMMON GROUND....


In order to find common ground you need to be willing to make some sacrifices. If you are like most people on this planet you are probably rather attached to the Christmas-and holiday traditions of your past. Stepfamily success, however, requires that you let go of the ‘old’ and embrace the ‘new’ – harbouring secret desires that your Christmas and holiday time are going to be the same as they were in your pre-step life will only bring disappointment, resentment and disillusionment. Instead, look at what’s ahead as an exciting journey into new lands and determine to be open to the experience.


Having established common ground and determined that you will sacrifice some of the traditions you’ve held dear, you can now make a plan that that suits both your needs.


Remember that even the best laid plans don’t always eventuate in exactly the way you may hope or anticipate. Flexibility is the key to dealing with this, should it occur.


Christmas, unfortunately, is an incredibly hectic and demanding time of year. Hectivity (as I like to call it) is NEVER conducive to peace, enjoyment and fun. SLOW DOWN! Use all available options to make the Christmas and holiday period as easy on you as possible. For instance: If there are too many for Christmas dinner to easily fit into your home, celebrate at the local park (this obviously isn’t an option if you live in snow country!) If you are planning to feed 5000 of your closest friends or rellies, get them all to bring ‘a plate’ (preferably with something edible on it). If you don’t want to cook up a storm, eat at a restaurant. Forget tradition – be creative and make your own!!


… the less stressed you are, the more you’ll get out of it. BE KIND TO YOURSELF AND ENJOY !!

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