Sunday, December 14, 2008


SADNESS may be the feeling we experience at Christmas if we realize that not many of the changes we'd hoped for have occurred throughout this year. It may be what we feel if we cannot have our own children around yet are entertaining our partner's. It could be our predominant sensation if we are remembering loved ones that may have passed away or cannot be with us for whatever reason on that day.

SERENITY is the wonderful state of being that can only be achieved after we have acquired the art of tolerance and have cultivated acceptance as well as the ability to be calm in the midst of a storm.
As you all know, as we travel the stepfamily journey we come across many hurdles, potholes and rough spots. These can make us fall and get hurt in the process but can also help us become wise and strong. Serenity is the wonderful state we achieve once we know that hurdles are no more than lumps in the road that we can step over; that potholes are there to be circumnavigated; and that the way we move through the rough spots will show us how far we've already come. SERENITY IS THE GIFT YOU RECEIVE WHEN YOU'VE COME TO A PLACE OF PEACE WITH YOUR SITUATION.

I trust that this Christmas you'll be able to make the journey from the first acronym to the second.
May it be a wonderful, joyful and peaceful time for each one of you.


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