Thursday, August 6, 2009

Once Bitten

Screening on SBS One - Thursday August 6 (and August 13) at 8.30pm

SBS and Maori Television, Screen Australia and New Zealand on Air, CIRCE Films and Caravan Productions present:ONCE BITTEN…love the second time around, when love comes with baggage.
We all know someone who has been through a messy break-up or divorce – only to plunge right back into the relationship game. But does it get any easier?

Once Bitten is about love the second-time round – The way we live and love in today’s complex world and survive to tell the tale – when against the odds, we dive right back in and do it all again despite the baggage and hurt from the past and added complications of ex-wives, ex-husbands and step-families.

This series follows couples across Australia and New Zealand to uncover the myths, the truths and the real issues faced today when about 30% of first marriages end in divorce and about 60% of second marriages just don’t survive – this is love in the 21st century, when loves comes with baggage.

Watch the Once Bitten trailer here

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