Monday, April 26, 2010

MARCHing to the STEPfamily TUNE - Part 5


Help = hope!

The fact that you went searching and found The Step Stop says that you have the ability to ask for help. That’s great! But perhaps we just don’t do it enough. It’s difficult confiding in friends and family because even if they are sensitive and thoughtful, unless they are in a similar situation they still DON’T UNDERSTAND. Until meeting Sonja and becoming involved with TSS I felt completely isolated. If you had told me that I was the only stepmum in NSW I wouldn’t have doubted you. Now I am pleasantly surprised at just how prevalent we are within society and I finally feel proud to belong to an important, though often misunderstood, group.

By reaching out I’ve discovered that my situation is probably one of the better ones and I’ve even come to realise that my husband’s ‘ex’ is an angel in comparison to some. I’ve spent countless hours scouring other helpful sites via the links of TSS. Among these you’ll find much useful information, discover new tools and a host of reading resources that relate to a variety of stepfamily issues.

The most important thing to remember is that we are not in this alone. I’ve learnt that as we help others, we in turn, heal ourselves.

Lessons learnt:

* To have the courage to ask for help when I need it.

* To be involved with others (personally, online or in any other way) who are in a similar circumstance.

* To be grateful for small mercies like having an ‘angelic ex’ (well, let’s not be too generous here – in comparison to may others!!!)

* As I help others I heal myself!

Keep smiling !!!
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