Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ok, I know that you haven't heard from me for a long time but here I am again, stepmom support passion reignited by the opportunity of speaking at an upcoming Stepmom Summit. I am totally blown away that a very resourceful and, no doubt, super energetic stepmom has made the effort of drumming up a whole host of stepfamily professionals for the benefit of you - you who are all members of the huge number of stepmoms that float around all over the globe, often feeling disconnected, alone and sadly misunderstood. Well, here is your opportunity to change that. Tune in to the Stepmom Summit, starting on April 11th.

Topics presented: 

Respecting Yourself:
  • The Down and Dirty of Dealing With His Ex While Maintaining Your Integrity and Sanity (Jenna Korf)
  • Discover the Biology of Our Thoughts, Strategies to Overcome Self-Doubt and Anxiety, and Ways to Visualize a Bright Future in Your Blended Family (Barb Goldberg)
  • Second Shift: How to Grow Your Part-Time Passion to Full-Time Influence While Being a Mom, Stepmom, and Wife (Dr. Harold Arnold)
  • A Roadmap and Guide, from a 35-year survivor, to Being a Stepmom (Sonja Ridden)

Nurturing Your Marriage:
  • Mandatory Date Nights, Required Family Meetings, and Strongly Suggested Planning Will Result in Solid Relationships Over Time (Yaffa Balsam)
  • The 7 Rings of Marriage: What Ring Are You Currently Wearing? (Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe)
  • Get Debt Free and Enjoy Your Money (Dustin Riechmann)
  • Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Marriage (Alisa DiLorenzo)
  • Depth Psychology, Couples Therapy, and EFT (emotional freedom techniques): What They Are, How They Work, and How They Can Help (Hillary Straus)

Appreciating Your Role as a Stepmom
  • Elbow Room: Approaches to Combining and Organizing a Blended Family While Respecting Personal Space and Needs (Amy Payne)
  • Single Woman Seeking Single Man…With Kids? (Erin Careless)
  • The No-Nonsense Stepmom and Positive Role Model: Using Food, Fun, and Other Techniques to Bond a Family
  • Legalities of Being a Stepmom: Surprising Facts and Proactive Steps (Stephanie Lefler)
  • Tips, Tricks, and Tools to Help You Communicate With Your Stepchildren (Karen Becker)
  • How God’s Word Reveals to Us the Path to Becoming a Godly Stepmom and Navigating Challenges Along the Journey (Heather Hetchler)

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